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$0 ─ $12,140 in 30 days

We Increased Black Hair Care's Total eCommerce Revenue by 41% in just 30 days with email

71% CLV Increase in 90 days

In 90 days of working with us, we increased their customer returning rate by 71%. Significantly increasing their Customer Lifetime Value that maximises profit.

black hair care retention rate before .png
black hair care retention rate after.png
$500 ─ $8,000 in 30 days

We Increased Vinyl Impressions's Total eCommerce Revenue by 61% in just 30 days with email

Proven Email Formula

Within days we plugged in our proven Abandoned Cart formula. More than 70% of shoppers leave their cart without purchasing, we made sure those orders are completed. Our proven sequences produce unmatched results like what you see below, with an insane 11.8% place order rate.


World Class Results

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